Riding Levels

Riding Levels

 Lessons for Littles

This program is designed for the very youngest of our riders. In this 30 minute lesson, students ages 2-6 will learn about ponies (horses) through grooming, tacking and identifying parts of the horse. Each lesson includes a 15 minute pony ride where your child will learn balance and play games on horseback. Riders in our program will build confidence and increase proprioception, balance and self esteem.


This program is great for students with very little or no horse experience. In this 60 minute lesson, ages 7 and up will learn about horse behavior, leading, grooming and tacking their own horse. Riders will begin on a lunge line until they are comfortable guiding the horse on their own at the walk and trot. Balance and confidence will grow through exercises and games on horseback.

Advanced Beginners

These students are able to ride on their own at the walk and trot. They may have begun some canter work on well schooled horses. This rider can comfortably lead, groom and tack their horse. Canter work will be developed on well schooled mounts. The rider will learn to guide the horse through a series of patterns and games.

 Intermediate and Advanced Riders

This rider is comfortable riding their own horse at the walk, trot and canter. They may be starting over fences or in training level dressage. The rider is confident even if the horse is not. The rider is able to stay on through most spooks and can ride through it when a horse is acting up. The rider will learn through patterns and dressage movements.